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RURALIZATION project presentation

RURALIZATION H2020 project - The opening of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms

This is the video presentation of RURALIZATION. RURALIZATION is a H2020 project aiming at investigating the causes of demographic decline in EU rural areas and identifying and implementing innovative practices to generate stimulating opportunities for economic and social sustainability in rural contexts.

Rural Young Heroes

Silkworm breeding from Calabria, Italy

Domenico, Miriam and Giovanna run since 2014 the cooperative 'Nido di Seta' in the Italian region of Calabria. Their rural dream was to regain the ancient tradition of the region: silkworm breeding.


  RURALIZATION Webinar - Impact of COVID19 on young people in EU rural and urban areas

This is the recording of the webinar organised on September 15, 2020. This first webinar addressed the impact of COVID-19 mainly in EU rural contexts and counted with the participation of EC representatives, EU networks like Rural Youth Europe and the European Youth Forum and other H2020 projects such as RURITAGE and NEWBIE. At the same time we had the opportunity to hear directly from young people how COVID-19 impacted them and how they adapt and transform their businesses and life to cope with this global health crisis.

RURALIZATION 1st Webinar for Policy Making - Trends affecting regeneration of rural areas in Europe

This is the recording of the 1st Webinar ' Trends affecting regeneration of rural areas in Europe' of the serie of webinars for policy makers 'Sharing Research Insights for Policy Making'. The event was held on February 25th, 2021 and aimed at sharing the results of an extensive trend analysis and further contributing to the Long-term Vision of Rural Areas promoted by the European Commission. 

The report produced by RURALIZATION on the extensive trend analysis exercise carried out in 2019-2020 was presented together with the results of the SHERPA activities on the Long-term Vision of Rural Areas. The knowledge produced by both projects will serve as basis for a discussion among researchers, policy makers and practitioners.