Cookies policy

We and our partners use cookies and other technologies in our related services, including when you visit our site or access our services.

A "cookie" is a small unit of information that a website assigns to your device while you are visiting the site. Cookies are very useful and useful for fine purposes. Among these, you will be able to browse the pages efficiently, enable automatic activation of the functions, remember social networks. Cookies are also used to help ensure that the advertisements that are used for users. The site uses the following types of cookies:

a) "session cookies", which are stored only during a browsing session to allow normal use of the system and the removal of your device when you close the browser.

b) "Persistent cookies", which only read the site, are saved on the computer during the fixed period and are not deleted when the browser is closed. These cookies are used when it is necessary to know their identity in the case of frequent visits, for example, to allow them to use their preferences for the next session.

c) "third-party cookies", for example, for example, by third-party analysis companies that monitor and examine access to the website.

Cookies do not contain any information that personally identifies you, but the personal information that is stored about you may be linked, by us, to the information stored in the cookies and is published from them. You can delete cookies using the instructions included in the device preferences. However, however, cookies are not available. A tool based on Google Analytics technology to gather information about the use of the site. This is a collection of information, such as the frequency with which users access the site, the pages they visit, etc. It does not collect any personal information and only the provider of hosting services and use of the site is used to improve the site and services.