Overcoming Barriers: New Entrant Support Space & ‘My Journey into Land Work

22 August, 2022 - All day - 23 August, 2022 -
PARTNER: Shared Assets

The Land Skills Fair (21st-24th July) run by the Landworkers’ Alliance was a space for people involved or interested in land work in some way to come together, share skills and experiences, and strengthen relationships to support building a movement for food, climate and land justice. Shared Assets ran or supported six workshops over the weekend, with the two described below particularly relevant to Ruralization’s focus on supporting new entrants.

The first of the two workshops focused on new entrants was called ‘Overcoming Barriers: New Entrant Support Space’. The agenda for this workshop was as follows:

- General introductions, and introduction to the New Entrants Support Network run by Landworkers’ Alliance
- Small group discussions for new entrants to meet each other and describe where they are at on their new entrant journey
- Presentations from Landworkers’ Alliance and Shared Assets on our work to support new entrants (including through Ruralization)
- Small group discussions on the barriers new entrants face, their inspirations, and support needed, facilitated by Shared Assets/Landworkers’ Alliance
- Feedback from group discussions
- Next steps and close - bringing together themes from the discussion and pointing people to sources of support
The second workshop focused on new entrants was called ‘My Journey into Land Work’. The agenda for this workshop was as follows:
- Introductions from Shared Assets/Landworkers’ Alliance
- Introduction from three new entrant speakers, and space for them to tell their stories of how they entered land work
- Discussion in pairs amongst the audience to talk about their own journey into landwork
- Whole group discussion on people’s reflections/Q+A with speakers
Some of the discussion notes from the first new entrants workshop.
Some of the resources shared by people who participated in the workshops.
VENUE: Land Skills Fair - Abbey Home Farm, Gloucestershire, UK

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