Co-creative Workshop: Access to land

26 March, 2021 - All day - 26 March, 2021 - 1:00 am

Event agenda:

10.00-10.30: Introduction (what is this event about, what is the link with RURALIZATION, introduction on the analytical framework (D6.1) used to guide the discussions)

10.30-11.30: First discussion round in 6 subgroups

11.30-11.40: Short break

11.40-12.20: second discussion round in 6 subgroups

12.20-12.30: Concluding remarks

Event description

The event was set up as a co-creative workshop. In the long run De Landgenoten is planning to work towards policy recommendations on access to land for agro-ecological farmers. This workshop was supposed to be a steppingstone towards that larger goal. The overall topic of 'access to land for agro-ecological farmers' was split-up in 6 subthemes. For this the first part of the analytical framework from D6.1 of RURALIZATION was used, which distinguishes 4 main aspects of land that are socially and institutionally regulated: land(use) transfers, relation between landowner and user, changes in use and the use of agricultural land itself. The partner translated or refined this framework to the Flemish context by adding two extra aspects 'non-agricultural use of agricultural land' and 'public land'. The distinction between these aspects helped to streamline the discussions.

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