D6.3 Quantitative analysis of land holdings abd land market trends – Sami

Section title: Sami

The Northern regions in Sweden and Finland, just as the adjacent areas in Norway and Russia, are the home of Sami who practice a traditional form of reindeer husbandry. Land is a scare resource in the least dense-populated region of the EU (1.8 inhabitants per km2), but also the issue of access to land for new generations is of importance. Political decision making is central here. Traditional agents promoting other interests had much better access to policy making than the Sami communities and step-by-step actions are taken to change this. However, this is a slow process.


Category: Case study

Country: Finland and Sweden

NUTS1 region: FI1 Continental Finland and SE3 Northern Sweden

Type of region: Predominantly rural

Local authority role: Other

Civil society organisation role: Coordinating and Other

Single persons role: Other

Politician role: Other

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation

Rural development topic adressed: Stakeholder empowerment, Social inclusion, Other types of equalities (racial, social...), Cultural activities, Lanscape preservation, and Access to land