D6.3 Quantitative analysis of land holdings abd land market trends Output#12

Section title: Ownership of shareholder outside the region in the East of Germany

The regulations in Germany do not restrict the transfer of shares of a farmland-owning company. Transactions of family farms, owned by natural persons, are observed and restricted by the Land parcel transaction law (‘Grundstücksverkehrsgesetz’), these transactions are not. So, in a comparative way, the current legal structure support shareholders transactions (no control) compared to family farm transactions (control). Many owners are from outside the region and the connection between farmers and local politicians are broken.


Category: Case study

Country: Germany

NUTS1 region: DE4 Brandenburg, DE8 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, DED Saxony, DEE Saxony-Anhalt, and DEG Thuringia

Single persons role: Entrepreneur

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation

Rural development topic adressed: Lack of economic diversity, Access to land, and Other

Type of action: Other