D5.3 Lessons learned from confrontations – Dolnoslaskie (NUTS 2)

Section title: Dolnoslaskie (NUTS 2)

Highlights: A general lesson learned within the confrontation process is that repeating the success of the cultural festivals in Oldambt will probably depend mostly on creating possibilities for organic development of similar initiatives in other places (such as Lower Silesia). It is very challenging for most areas in Lower Silesia with their current resources to skip the early points of development and try to start already from the point where Oldambt festivals are now, i.e. after more than a decade of functioning. The attention of policymakers should be therefore focused more on earlier steps of the process, i.e. creating opportunities for similar process to occur in other areas – organic development from smaller initiatives led mostly by motivated newcomers to larger festivals organized in cooperation with local authorities. In this way, the promising practice will not only bring the benefits that cultural festivals provide, but also improve community integration within the process of establishing the practice itself.


Category: Report

Country: Poland

NUTS1 region: PL5 South-Western

Type of region: Intermediate

RUR actor group: Newcomers

Local authority role: Providing funding, Implementing policy, Providing infrastructure, and Providing consultancy

Civil society organisation role: Providing funding, Implementing policy, Providing infrastructure, Providing consultancy, and Coordinating

Single persons role: Entrepreneur

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation and Human Capital

Access to land pathway: Steering land control towards specific uses

Rural development topic adressed: Mobilisation of financial resources, Stakeholder empowerment, Educational opportunities (formal, informal, vocational), Social inclusion, Economic equality, Cultural activities, Lanscape preservation, and Environmental conservation

Type of action: Information platform, networks, hubs, Community and knowledge sharing, Territorial marketing, Education & training, Diversification: Agritourism & recreation, and Diversification: Artisan, art & culture