D5.3 Lessons learned from confrontations – Confrontation Report NE1 Farma Martynika

Section title: Confrontation Report NE1 Farma Martynika: an ecotouristic and educational farm showing that changingfrom urban to rural life is difficult butpossible.


Category: Case study

Country: Romania

NUTS1 region: RO2 Macroregion two

Type of region: Intermediate

RUR actor group: New Entrants and Newcomers

Local authority role: Providing funding, Implementing policy, and Providing infrastructure

Civil society organisation role: Providing infrastructure, Providing consultancy, Coordinating, and Lobbying

Single persons role: Providing infrastructure, Coordinating, and Entrepreneur

Politician role: Implementing policy and Providing consultancy

Rural development pathway: Agroecology

Access to land pathway: Organising the accessibility of farmland and Securing access to land for individual farmers

Rural development topic adressed: Human capital and Access to land

Type of action: Collective action (e.g. farm collectives, cooperatives), Agroecology, Diversification: Food production & processing, Diversification: Agritourism & recreation, and Diversification: Artisan, art & culture