D5.3 Lessons learned from confrontations – Appendix 7: Germany (NC7)

Section title: Appendix 7: Germany (NC7)


Category: Appendix

Country: Germany

RUR actor group: Newcomers

Local authority role: Providing infrastructure

Civil society organisation role: Lobbying

Single persons role: Other

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation, Multifunctional Agriculture, Rural-Urban Relations, and Agroecology

Access to land pathway: Supporting farmers after access to land

Rural development topic adressed: Mobilisation of financial resources, Stakeholder empowerment, Local food supply, and Educational opportunities (formal, informal, vocational)

Type of action: Community and knowledge sharing, Collective action (e.g. farm collectives, cooperatives), Producer-consumer partnership, short supply chain, alternative sales channel, Agroecology, and Diversification: Food production & processing