D5.2 Case studies and factsheets of 30 promising practices – CSA Hof Pente GbR – Success through community, education and ecology

Section title: DE7B: CSA Hof Pente GbR – Success through community, education and ecology

The case study shows the potential of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA), if combined with agroecology and education / Highlights of the case are the educational activities and the connection of local networks with national and international networks of the CSA-community


Category: Case study

Country: Germany

NUTS1 region: DE9 Lower Saxony

Type of region: Intermediate

RUR actor group: Successors

Local authority role: Other

Civil society organisation role: Providing consultancy

Single persons role: Providing consultancy, Coordinating, and Entrepreneur

Politician role: Providing funding

Rural development pathway: Multifunctional Agriculture, Agroecology, and Human Capital

Access to land pathway: Organising the accessibility of farmland and Steering land control towards specific uses

Rural development topic adressed: Local food supply, Educational opportunities (formal, informal, vocational), Cultural activities, and Environmental conservation

Type of action: Information platform, networks, hubs, Collective action (e.g. farm collectives, cooperatives), Education & training, and Agroecology