D5.2 Case studies and factsheets of 30 promising practices – Output #6

Section title: DE7A: Gut Wulksfelde GmbH – Entrepreneurial approach and ecological goals well-balanced

Wulksfelde is a good example how to develop jobs in agriculture and the territorial marketing of local products for urban areas, if stakeholders and administration work together


Category: Case study

Country: Germany

NUTS1 region: DEF Schleswig-Holstein

Type of region: Intermediate

RUR actor group: New Entrants

Local authority role: Providing infrastructure

Single persons role: Providing consultancy and Coordinating

Politician role: Providing funding and Providing infrastructure

Rural development pathway: Rural-Urban Relations, Agroecology, and Human Capital

Access to land pathway: Steering land control towards specific uses

Rural development topic adressed: Lack of jobs or quality jobs, Local food supply, and Lanscape preservation

Type of action: Territorial marketing, Education & training, and Agroecology