D5.2 Case studies and factsheets of 30 promising practices – Output #18

Section title: Remote work as a promising practice to attract newcomers to rural areas.

Highlights: The rural development pathway is not quite about rural-urban relations but connecting rural areas to areas outside of them. They could be urban areas, but also other rural areas. The ‘type of action’ is hard to classify. The Grow Remote organisation is the network/collective action aspect, but also ticked other as this is also an individual action where newcomers work remotely.


Category: Case study

Country: Ireland

NUTS1 region: IE0 Ireland

Type of region: Predominantly rural

RUR actor group: Newcomers

Local authority role: Providing infrastructure

Civil society organisation role: Coordinating, Lobbying, and Other

Single persons role: Coordinating and Other

Politician role: Other

Rural development pathway: Rural-Urban Relations

Rural development topic adressed: Lack of jobs or quality jobs, Lack of economic diversity, Stakeholder empowerment, Human capital, and Economic equality

Type of action: Information platform, networks, hubs, Collective action (e.g. farm collectives, cooperatives), and Other