The Ruralization Executive Board met in Delft

Last 3th-4th November, RURALIZATION´s project partners gathered in Delft (the Netherlands) to host the latest Executive Board meeting.
The main aim of this meeting was to discuss the next steps to be taken and to plan together the activities to be carried out in this final stage of the project, where the main focus is to develop policy recommendations to promote opportunities for new generations in rural areas. Some of these outcomes are already being developed, such as a handbook for local authorities on supporting access to land for farmers or a guide for newcomers in rural areas.

Tuomas Kuhmonen (University of Turku) organised a workshop for other project partners about future rural areas. The idea was to elaborate potential rural futures based on the Rural Trends and Rural Dreams previously detected in the project. The workshop was a great example of how RURALIZATION´s results can be used to open debate on rural issues and to discuss potential policies.