Ruralization MOOC: Creating New Opportunities in Rural Areas – 2023

Ruralization MOOC will be offered by TUDelft University and will focus on how to study the dynamics and trends in rural regions and how to create concepts, plans, and initiatives to improve rural development, with a particular focus on the requirements of younger generations.

This course provides ideas and insights that help to offer opportunities to young generations in rural areas. Such opportunities are based on international trends that influence the future of how we organize our lives and society. You will learn how these trends can be relevant for rural development.

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Identify challenges and trends in rural areas
  • Analyze issues of population and access to jobs, services and land
  • Discuss practices of rural development with a focus on younger generations
  • Determine the development potential of a rural region
  • Propose a regional strategy with actions for rural development

This course is mainly for:

    • (Young) professionals aiming to work on rural development policy and strategy design.
    • People aiming to make a difference in the future of rural areas, for example in the field of rural innovation and local economy.
    • Students aiming to strengthen their knowledge to become better equipped professionals in this field.

Join it and contribute to stopping the negative spiral of rural decline and enjoy the many benefits of ruralization before 13th September 2023 it is self-paced and will stay open for 6 months until mid-March 2024.

For more information and to sign up here.