University of Galway to lead European project on enhancing women’s role in agriculture

FLIARA – Female Led Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Areas

New initiatives, such as FLIARA, have initiated within the new year. The Horizon Europe project, which stands for Female-Led Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Areas proposes a unique and innovative approach to improve understanding, awareness and recognition of women’s role in a more sustainable rural future. As well as developing more effective policy and governance frameworks that can support and enhance the capacity of women who live and work in these areas to contribute to it.

The diverse project partnership, includes universities, SMEs and other practitioners across ten EU countries. Last Monday 9 January, all partners met in order to get to know each other and to share the objectives and the challenges faced. The University of Galway, one of our project partners, is now leading this action.

The FLIARA project is led by a research team from the University of Galway’s School of Geography, Archaeology and Irish Studies, including Associate Professor Maura Farrell.

Outlining the vision for the project, Maura Farrell said:

“To overcome Europe’s rural challenges and embrace potential opportunities, there is a need for all individuals and communities to participate in rural innovation. […] Traditionally, rural women’s employment opportunities and contribution to innovation has been overshadowed, and often suppressed, by a patriarchal ethos.”

FLIARA will identify visions for sustainable farm and rural futures and the sustainability innovations needed to realise these visions.

The kick-off meeting took part on January the 26th to 27th in Brussels, where all work packages that need to be addressed during its 3-year duration were presented.

From Ruralization we are thrilled to support this initiatives and we invite you to check out more about the FLIARA project at!