Being young in a mountain area: Euromontana’s report is out! – Euromontana

Euromontana, a multi-sector European association for the cooperation and development of mountain areas, has carried out a study on mountain youth. 

The study was carried out with the support of Euromontana members and in collaboration with Educ’Alpes and the UNITA project, to better understand the needs and aspirations of mountain youth. At the start of the European Year of Youth, this report brings the voice of 1134 mountain young people between 18- and 29-years old from 18 EU and non-EU countries. The publication analyses the main trends regarding the attractiveness of the mountains for young people, details the satisfaction of our respondents with the services and, above all, it shares the ideal vision that young people have of the mountains of tomorrow. Because there are some specificities between countries, Euromontana has also compiled at the end of the report 6 country factsheets, available, for France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania and Spain.

This magnificent report addresses the issue of the attractiveness of rural mountainous areas and newcomers. The question is wheter local communities want more new inhabitants or not and if so, what profiles and how to attract them. Do you want to find more about it? Check the report here!