Cafe Talks?

For this month of May, Ruralization Projects invites you to three sessions of the sixth cycle of coffee talks. Our objective is to provide keys so that you can function in rural economies, all this, thanks to an initiative of RUBIZMO.

This project is in the hands of professionals in the sector who are going to provide us with all their Knowledge for free.

The sessions will take place every Tuesday of this month (11 to 11:30 AM CET Brussels), with duration of 30 minutes and online through the ZOOM platform.

• The first will be held on the 11th, it will be carried out by May Marieke Lameris and Katia de Luca, and the topic to be discussed is about the results of the SmarChain Project.

• On the 18th, we will virtually travel through Poland and Ireland to discuss food and ecosystem services.

• To close May, Gianluca Vagnarelli will give a talk on the 25th on Increasing rural tourism and community resistance, Ruritage.

HOWEVER! If you want to attend, but don´t have much time, be assured that thanks to their flexibility, all the talks are adapted for even the busiest days, since they only last for 30 minutes.

Come have a virtual coffee, enjoy, learn and ask as much as you want.

You registered through this link, but remember, places are limited.

Are you going to miss it?