Rural and Urban Futures Conference – Place-Based Challenges & Solutions

The Rural and Urban Futures Conference is taking place on 10th & 11th of June 2012!

We are proud to announce that the online event is being organized by RURALIZATION in cooperation with the Finland Futures Research Centre & the University of Turku. Our Motto will be “Place-Based Challenges & Solutions”. Don’t miss the chance to publish your research findings and to network with international actors dedicated to the rural and urban challenges of our time!

The Rural and Urban Futures conference will create a cross-disciplinary platform, where the participants can virtually meet, discuss and share insights concerning place-based futures. The conference program will consist of keynote lectures and parallel sessions. The conference aims at generating stimulating discussions that promote networking between people from different backgrounds. We invite contributors from universities, research institutes, governmental and non-governmental organisations and companies to join out conference.

Find the registration form to the conference here:

Three thematic workshops will be organised on June 9th, as a pre-event of the conference:

Workshop 1: “Futures of Rural Employment”

Employment in the primary sectors tends to decrease, whereas many rural areas have gained new jobs in secondary and tertiary industries. Looking at the trends, what kinds of new employment opportunities will open up in various regional contexts? How could various policies promote rural regeneration through measures that affect rural employment? What is the role of educational, advisory, development and financial organisations? Ultimately, how new rural futures can come true in terms of employment?

Workshop 2: “Futures of Rural Land Use and Access to Land”

Urbanisation puts pressure on rural areas and land is also asked for many other purposes: residences, industrial sites, conservation etc. Looking at the trends, what kinds of new demands for rural land use will open up in various regional contexts? What are feasible ways to realise the land use patterns that will promote rural regeneration? Many people dream about access to rural areas or to own plot of land for gardening or recreation purposes, but how to make their dream come true in various regional contexts? Ultimately, what is the future of rural land use in diverse contexts?

Workshop 3: “Agency in Creating Positive Rural Futures”

Looking at the prevailing and emerging trends, what kind of agency is needed to benefit from them? Rural areas are faced with many opportunities but who is the one to exploit them? What is the role of the public bodies, private enterprises, development organisations, NGOs, active citizens? In which occasions do rural areas lack agency to make progress? Ultimately, how to provide diverse rural contexts with the lacking agency to create positive futures?

To participate in one, two or all three of the workshops, register here: