Interested in innovating within rural areas? Check this out!

Did you know that there is a Rural European Innovation Area? Yes, it is known as REInA (by its acronym). It is a pan-European open platform which aims to gather innovative initiatives to support the creation of a new Rural European Innovation Area. The objective of REInA is to be the loudspeaker for European rural area voices, pushing their development, growth, business and natural resources by a fair, green and sustainable management. It will also present relevant challenges, calls, contests and other actions, all of them related to rural and territorial verticals.

If you are still interested, check the existing actions out HERE

Do you want to know more? Don’t miss the Rural European Innovation Area (REInA) launch event.

Join Gioia Ghezzi, Chair of the EIT Governing Board and Adam Rottenbacher, Head of Director’s Office at the EIT for the the Rural European Innovation Area (REInA) launch event. Furthermore, The two-day launch event will include keynote speakers such as Janusz Wojciechowski, Agriculture Commissioner, European Commission; Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth and Cristina Maestre, Member of Committee on Regional Development, European Parliament. The event will see the contribution of Gioia Ghezzi, Chair of the EIT Governing Board, during the round table entitled ‘New opportunities for thriving rural innovation communities’, and Adam Rottenbacher, Head of Director’s Office at the EIT, will join the round table entitled ‘What is the EU doing for Innovation in Rural Communities’.

When? Tuesday 6 April and Wednesday 7 April 2021

Where? Online – Don’t miss this opportunity, get your ticket for free!