RURALIZATION National Conference on Rural Re-population, Agricultural Generational Change and Access to Land: News and Future Trends in Catalan and European terms

National conferences are an important part of the RURALIZATION project process, as they aim at discussing novel governance models and tools, present insights and more recent results achieved with our research activities. Policy makers and end-users from partner countries are invited to participate.

This month on March 10th our partners from the XCN Nature Conservative Network hosted a national conference online, which appeared to be a big success due to its 50 participants.

The themes of the conference were rural repopulation, agricultural generational change and access to land as well as European future trends with an emphasis on the Spanish region of Catalonia. Since we are soon reaching the equator of the RURALIZATION project, in which XCN has been an important contributor from the start, the event was dedicated to the results of the project generated so far. Hence, in collaboration with ICEA, ARCA, the School of Shepherds, the Repoblem initiative and the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the online discussion was meant to take the opportunity to generate a moment of reflection in the framework of a round table – due to the current pandemic in virtual format.

The main question asked was “What post-pandemic future lies ahead for the rural world and the agricultural sector in times of a socio-ecological crisis and climate emergency?”

Amongst others, the following topics were included in the debate:

  • European youth expectations and future trends in rural areas
  • Generational handover in the agricultural sector: concepts, actors and key data
  • Access to land: legal framework, innovative social policies and practices

If you are interested in learning more about the conference, we have good news for you: You can watch recording of the whole conference in the Catalan language on YouTube:

Alternatively, you can find a detailed article at XCNs website, which your browser should be able to translate into your preferred language:

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