RURALIZATION FINNISH NATIONAL CONFERENCE “Trends and Dreams: what are rural futures made of?”

The Finnish National Conference, organized in collaboration with the network of Rural Youth, takes place on 4th March 2021 (9-11 a.m. Finnish Time -EET).

The RURALIZATION study has systematically identified trends and weak signals from a variety of sources that may be relevant to the regeneration of rural areas: the results of the analysis are condensed into 10 megatrends, 20 trends, and 30 weak signals. Also, futures dreams of the European youth have been investigated in terms of livelihood, accommodation and lifestyle. The Conference focuses on the presentation of these results about the future of rural areas.

The Research Director Tuomas Kuhmonen will present results and discuss them with the Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppa.

The conference will be held in Finnish.

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