RURALIZATION project featured among the winners of the annual Vision of Research and Innovation image competition at Teagasc, Ireland

The Ruralization project is one of the projects featured among the winners of the annual Vision of Research and Innovation image competition at Teagasc, Ireland. All Teagasc staff and students were invited to submit digital images created in the course of their work with the aim to find the most innovative and compelling images showing the range of research and innovation activities taking place across the organisation. 

Ruralization made it on the winners list with a photograph titled “Rural Fabric on the Horizon” which was taken by Teagasc principal investigator on this project, Anne Kinsella.

Rural Fabric on the Horizon, photograph taken by Anne Kinsella, Teagasc.

The Ruralization project focuses on the renewal of rural generations, jobs and farms and aims to develop knowledge and to support policy making in identifying and addressing some of the challenges faced by rural areas. Like the project, the photo encapsulates the different shapes and shades of rural areas, recognising that each area is different whether viewed at ground level or above. Ruralization is about appreciating the uniqueness of each rural region and building on that potential. The photo, taken over the lands of east coast of Ireland, showcases the patchwork quilt of various fabrics viewed as a front drop to the horizon beyond.

Teagasc Director, Professor Gerry Boyle congratulated the winners while noting the high quality of all entries and expressed his thanks to the judges for their care and attention to detail in selecting the winning images (you are invited to check them here).

Speaking about the competition, Professor Frank O’Mara, Teagasc’s Director of Research, said: “The competition continues to be an excellent showcase of the fine work being performed by Teagasc’s research and innovation staff. The diversity of the entries provides a fascinating window into the varied research being undertaken by Teagasc.”

This year’s competition was judged by a panel of judges comprising Jim Carroll, (RTÉ, editor of RTÉ Brainstorm); Tony Byrne (Designer, Think Media); and Catriona Boyle (Teagasc, editor of TResearch magazine). Selected images are used to promote Teagasc research.