‘Your Land, My Land, Our Land: Grassroots Strategies to Preserve Farmland and Access to Land for Peasant Farming and Agroecology’

Agricultural land is a growing issue in many areas of Europe. Ongoing challenges such as the increase of sale and rent price, a slow rate of inter-generational transfer, the reduction of farmland and land concentration, etc. put pressure on people who want to set up a professional activity with land use and for people who want to keep or grow their farming endeavours.

In this line, our project partners Terre de Liens and EcoRuralis, in conjunction with the EU organizations engaged in land issues the European Coordination of Via Campesina (ECVC), the Real Farming Trust, the Transnational Institute (TNI), IFOAM EU and URGENCI, published the report ‘Your land, my land, our land: Grassroots strategies to preserve farmland and access to land for peasant farming and agroecology’. The six chapter report addresses successful initiatives to fight against huge corporate interests, the use of international legal tools, CSAs or public land initiatives, among others, in a compilation of legal tools, practical tips and case studies ‘to facilitate access to land for peasant and agroecological farmers, shepherds and mobile pastoralists, small-scale food producers, local residents, consumers, and environmentally-minded people and organisations, highlighting their crucial roles in building a more sustainable and fairer system’.

The report refers to significant issues such as the necessity to support a new generation, land concentration or the significant reduction in the number of farmers. It is also available in Spanish and French.

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