The EU Council has drawn up a series of recommendations to provide opportunities for youth in rural and remote areas

The EU Council has adopted a series of conclusions to raise opportunities for youth in rural and remote areas. The conclusions recognize that the EU population is ageing, in particular in rural and remote areas. Urbanization is considered to be one of the main drivers of this current change, with a significant impact on several EU policies. These trends imply the need to ensure greater availability and accessibility of public and commercial services, quality employment and education, digital and physical infrastructure, public transport and leisure activities.

The Conclusions invite Member States to promote approaches aimed at reducing inequalities between urban and rural or remote areas and to develop cross-sectoral measures reflecting the views and perspectives of youth. The EU Council calls to promote entrepreneurship, in particular social entrepreneurship, as well as different employment opportunities in agricultural and other economic activities. Among others, Member States are invited to encourage young people to start – or continue – participating in the life of local communities through different means of active citizenship, such as voluntary and solidarity activities as well as to promote synergies between EU programmes and initiatives such as Erasmus+, the European Solidarity Corps, the European Social Fund and the Youth Guarantee.

Finally, the EU youth sector is also invited to contribute to raising awareness among youth and the general population in rural and remote areas of the opportunities offered by their local communities.