Rural NEET Youth Network webinars program

The Rural NEET Youth Network (RNYN) is a four-year project running from October of 2019 to October of 2023, funded by the European Union, through COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology). The main aim of this network involving members from 32 countries is to develop a model of the risk and protective factors underlying rural youths Not in Employment, nor in Education or Training (NEET) social exclusion. By 2023, it is expected that the collaboration undertaken by researchers, policy-makers, NGO’s and professionals in this project will lead to the establishment of an online observatory of rural NEETs.

Currently, this initiative is developing a webinars program with a very diverse range of topics associated to vulnerable youths living in rural areas. The program is being implemented in June and July 2020 and is open to participation.

The RNYN webinars program involves three sections. The first one is labeled national stakeholders involvement webinars. This section encompasses webinars promoted by the Action members targeting relevant stakeholders at the national level, whether they are decision-makers, top or intermediate managers of public services or NGO’s and/or professionals.

The program also includes a section entitled online meeting point. This section is open to proposals and participation of the Action members and other scholars that intend to submit their own proposals in topics that connect with the Action aims.

Finally, the Premium lectures & discussions are webinars organized by RNYN’s Core Group and delivered by an invited keynote speaker. These section will include one session delivered by Aleksandar Lukic (University of Zagreb, Croatia), on the 24th of June, with the title Rurality: Key definitional dimensions. The second session will be held by Massimiliano Mascherini (Eurofound), on the 29th of June, focusing on the topic NEETs: profiles and typologies. On the 9th of July, Jale Tosun (University of Heidelberg, Germany) will deliver a presentation on Youth participation in labour markets: Insights from 11 European countries. Finally, on the 16th of July, Antonella Rocca (University of Naples, Italy) will present the study Being NEET in Europe before and after the economic crisis: An Analysis of the micro and macro determinants. All sessions will start at 3.00 PM (CET).

More details on the RNYN webinar program, as well as on the submission an registration processes can be found here.

Francisco Simões
Chair – Cost Action “Rural NEET Youth Network”