“The Village as an Airstrip for Newcomers”

15 October, 2021 - All day - 17 October, 2021 - 1:00 am


Kulturland Eg

Date: 15-17/10/2021

For this Grassroots event Kulturland organised the workshop “The village as an airstrip for newcomers”, which was held within the annual conference of the Young Eco-Farmers(Ökolandwirte-Tagung). The two-hour session was structured in three parts:

  1. a) introduction to the topic and project presentation,
  2. b) discussion round and identification of measures to improve interaction of newcomers and existing population and
  3. c) elaboration on selected measures in three small groups including presentation of results.

There was a wide range of experiences and backgrounds regarding rural living ranging from negative to positive and from alien to familiar respectively. A list of measures for better integration were gathered that mainly touched on integrative events, initiating working groups and projects that focus on common concerns or reconciling different interests. It was recognized that it is important to appreciate and be mindful regarding culture and customs that are already there and that learning from the experiences of former newcomers that have been around for a while can be a key.

The workshop raised the awareness for the topic and gave participants the rare opportunity to exchange about the particular social and cultural aspects of starting a farm or project in a rural area. Anecdotes of personal experiences by the participants enabled a kind of peer-to-peer counselling and very practical insights into the topic.

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