25 February, 2021 - 10:00 am - 25 February, 2021 - 12:30 pm

Introduction – Pascale Riccoboni, European Innovation Partnership Officer.

European stakes around the renewal of generations and policy solutions in upcoming  European programs – Alexia Rouby, Head of Research Programmes at the European Commission's AGRI Directorate General.

European innovations for access to land for a new generation of farmers: results of the H2020 RURALIZATION project - William Loveluck, RURALIZATION Research Officer at Terre de Liens.

Networking and disseminating European innovations for generational renewal through the H2020 NEWBIE project - Nils Maurice, Network Coordinator at RENETA and NEWBIE project.

An example of Integrated territorial approach to generational renewal in Centre-Val de Loire - Sandrine Clément, Director of Agriculture and Forestry, Regional Council of Centre-Val de Loire.

Workshop session

Workshop 1: Innovation transfer, replicability, and spin-off: under what conditions? Discussion with Laura Megias I Garriga from the Spanish Farm Incubator Network (RETA EIP Operational Group) and Sjoerd Wartena, co-founder of Terre de Liens and initiator of the European Access To Land network, about the practices of projects and networks to exchange, transfer and scale up innovations.

Workshop 2: Multi-stakeholder territorial approaches: why and how can we work together for generational renewal? Discussion with Elodie Patrice and Alix Bell from Semeurs du Possible of Possibilities - RARES EIP Operational Group and Nils Maurice from RENETA (experience of the Nid'Agri Operational Group) on collaborative approaches for the renewal of agricultural and rural generations: approaches, tools, and success or failures of cooperation.

Event description

The conference was organised online in partnership with the French National Rural Network (NRN) and European Innovation Partnership (EIP Agri). Terre de Liens, RURALIZATION and the NRN all communicated on the event about 2-3 weeks in advance. These combined communication forces succeeded in attracting a mixed public of policymakers, state and advisory services, as well as grassroots initiatives and rural development NGOs.
A video of the conference has been published on the website of Réseau Rural

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