Farm Succession

26 novembre, 2020 - All day - 26 novembre, 2020 - 1:00


De Landgenoten

Date: 26/11/2020

This Grassroot Event was focused on the topic of farm succession. Initially, De Landgenoten wanted to organise two regional events where successors and transferors of agro-ecological farms would be able to meet and exchange in an informal setting. However, due to covid restrictions, they were forced to organise an online event.

They switched between presenting information, leaving space for questions, storytelling through the 3 testimonials and actively encouraging participants to share their personal stories and needs. Participants were already quite familiar with the challenges rural areas face in regard to rural regeneration and generational renewal.

During the workshop, De Landgenoten facilitated a deeper look into the concept of ‘access to land’ using the analytical framework used in D6.1 (Innovate land practices for an agricultural transition and rural regeneration: documenting and analysing current practices), as well as the idea of farmland in joint ownership as a possible lever to facilitate farm succession.

Stages of farm succession were also analysed: from the point of view of the successor as well as the point of view of the transferor. There was also a space for all participants to present themselves and their plans in order to forge possible collaborations.

One of the biggest concerns that participants brought up is related to the high land prices, the complexity of farm succession processes, constraints on what is legally allowed on certain plots of land (due to heritage legislation for instance), among others.

As a conclusion, it was noted that there is a need for a follow-up in regard to several aspects on farm succession: ways to connect offer and demand (cf. the matching platforms we presented), in-depth workshops on several topics (legal, financial matters, as well as the delicate social process that is inherent to farm succession), more elaborate exchange with farmers who went through the process of farm succession and their experiences.

Farm succession proved to be a relevant topic. There was indeed a big enthusiasm among participants to look into this topic in more detail.

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