D6.6 Focus group discussions – Output#3

Section title: Discussion and recommendations


Category: Report

Country: Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, e United Kingdom

RUR actor group: New Entrants e Successors

Local authority role: Providing funding, Implementing policy, Providing infrastructure, e Coordinating

Civil society organisation role: Providing funding, Providing infrastructure, Providing consultancy, Coordinating, e Lobbying

Single persons role: Entrepreneur

Politician role: Providing funding, Implementing policy, e Providing infrastructure

Rural development pathway: Multifunctional Agriculture, Rural-Urban Relations, Agroecology, e Human Capital

Access to land pathway: Supporting farmers before accessing land, Organising the accessibility of farmland, Steering land control towards specific uses, Securing access to land for individual farmers, e Supporting farmers after access to land

Rural development topic adressed: Stakeholder empowerment, Infrastructure, Local food supply, Human capital, Educational opportunities (formal, informal, vocational), Environmental conservation, e Access to land

Type of action: Policy (policy recommendation, political support, political capital), Community and knowledge sharing, Farm incubator, Collective action (e.g. farm collectives, cooperatives), Land portage, acquisition and management/stewardship, e Agroecology