D6.5 Novel practices handouts – Securing Land with Retirement Savings

Section title: Securing Land with Retirement Savings


Farmers’ own retirement savings are invested in land purchase via a land stewardship organisation so they can contribute to securing ‘their’ land while stocking up their retirement provisions in the same time.


Category: Handout

Country: Germany

RUR actor group: New Entrants e Successors

Civil society organisation role: Providing infrastructure

Single persons role: Entrepreneur

Rural development pathway: Multifunctional Agriculture e Agroecology

Access to land pathway: Organising the accessibility of farmland, Securing access to land for individual farmers, e Supporting farmers after access to land

Rural development topic adressed: Mobilisation of financial resources, Local food supply, e Access to land

Type of action: Collective action (e.g. farm collectives, cooperatives) e Other