D6.5 Novel practices handouts – Farm Succession in La Vall del Corb

Section title: Farm Succession in La Vall del Corb


Category: Handout

Country: Spain

NUTS1 region: ES5 East

Type of region: Predominantly rural

RUR actor group: New Entrants, Newcomers, e Successors

Local authority role: Providing funding, Implementing policy, e Providing consultancy

Civil society organisation role: Implementing policy, Providing infrastructure, e Coordinating

Single persons role: Providing consultancy e Entrepreneur

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation, Multifunctional Agriculture, Rural-Urban Relations, e Human Capital

Access to land pathway: Supporting farmers before accessing land e Organising the accessibility of farmland

Rural development topic adressed: Lack of jobs or quality jobs, Human capital, Other types of equalities (racial, social...), e Dreams of the youth

Type of action: Information platform, networks, hubs e Community and knowledge sharing