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Youth in rural areas, and particularly young farmers, contribute to rural vitality and pave the way for reinforced value chains and rural prosperity. Generational renewal is one of the preconditions for improved competitiveness and sustainability of rural territories in Europe and is one of the biggest challenges to overcome for rural sustainability.  

Supporting young people's rural dreams is important to revert decline in European rural areas

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This RURALIZATION Photo Competition is a window of opportunity to display how EU new generations make their living in the countryside to accomplish their dreams and bring new life to rural territories. 

As the overall topic of the photo competition is Generational Renewal, participants are invited to submit pictures that reflect one or more of the following sub-topics:

Succession (young people replacing their parents and families)

Innovation and rural diversification (young people developing new products, services or simply new dynamics in rural areas)

Access to land for new generations

Young entrepreneurship

New job opportunities

New skills and resources which can stimulate economic activities in a range of sectors (not also in farming but beyond agriculture)

Aspects that contribute to the attractiveness of rural areas for young people

Knowledge transfer between generations

Life in rural communities

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