Stewarding land, preserving soils


How can we create the conditions for the development of agroecology and restoration of land in Europe?
Recurso 49-100
Urgent action is needed to preserve European soils. In addition to careful assessment of the manifold causes of land degradation, success rests on broad stakeholder dialogue regarding the strategies to preserve and restore resources. In the wake of the public consultation on a new EU Soil Strategy and the European Parliament adoption of a resolution on soil protection, this webinar—which is part of a series of virtual encounters with policymakers organised by the RURALIZATION project—will look to connect the dots between land stewardship and farming issues. 

The Commission's roadmap for soil protection and links between soil management and issues of land ownership and land use will be discussed. The webinar will also bring forward insights from the RURALIZATION and 'Nyéléni Europe' reports on land innovations, policies, markets, and recommendations for a European land-based agroecological transition.
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