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RURALIZATION "Making Farmland for the Public Good" handbook


Policy recommendations from the H2020 RURALIZATION project

Date: Thursday, March 30th, 2023 - Time: 15.00 - 16.00 (Irish Time)

Registration to the 12th session of the University of Galway Rural Voices seminar series, this month in partnership with the RURALIZATION project, is now open. Alice Martin-Prével from Terre de Liens and the European Access to Land Network will present the RURALIZATION "Making Farmland for the Public Good" handbook and talk about the role of local governments to preserve farmland and support access to land for new generations of farmers and sustainable agriculture projects.


New Rural Generations in National CAP Strategic Plans:


Policy recommendations from the H2020 RURALIZATION project


The rural regeneration process. CCRI Seminar


Exploring the concept and the ‘new generations’ perspective

Date: Thursday, December 15th, 2022


Regeneration is a potentially powerful approach to dealing with rural decline leading to rural revitalisation and potentially transformation. This seminar aims to open renewed discussion and examination of what is rural regeneration and how the process works. For example, how important are catalysts to rural regeneration? Is the process more effectively understood as a spiral where one positive effect leads to an upward chain of renewal? This perspective draws on the conceptual guidelines underpinning the RURALIZATION Horizon 2020 project. The discussion will also be illustrated by exploring different perspectives on ‘new generations’ and their role in rural regeneration.

As depopulation and ageing are issues in many rural areas, the new generations perspective is an important lens to question the rural regeneration concept and how it plays out as a process. New generations can be understood as young people, but also more broadly newcomers to rural areas of any age. Examples will include the findings of foresight research with young people in Ireland and also a case study of remote working newcomers in the west of Ireland. The empirical research also emerges from the University of Galway Rural Studies Centre’s work on the RURALIZATION project.


Brescia 1st International Conference


Rural Youth and the New Youth Guarantee

Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2022


On the 14th of September 2022, the Rural NEET Youth Network organized the international conference Rural Youth and the New Youth Guarantee. This conference gathered invited speakers from international stakeholders such as the European Commission, OECD, or ILO to reflect on the upcoming EU policy challenges in tackling youth unemployment and social exclusion. For the past decade, the main EU policy instrument in these domains has been the Youth Guarantee. Overall, the Youth Guarantee has been successful in reducing the rates of young people Not in Employment, nor in Education or Training (NEET). However, there are persisting problems in coordinating European-, national- and regional-level policies in youth employment and in the education and training fields. Moreover, while NEET rates came down over the past 10 years, very specific issues remain unattended such as how can public services engage with NEETs who are harder to reach, including migrants, inactive young women, or those living in remote, rural areas. The impact of COVID-19 on the new policy frameworks, specifically on the New Youth Guarantee, the role of sectors such as the social economy field and social enterprises, or the importance of the dual transition in shaping rural young people’s dreams and expectations were just some of the many lines of inquiry explored during this conference.


CONFAB Webinar


Rural trends and youth dreams for rural development and generational renewal

Date: Thursday, July 14th, 2022


The RURALIZATION project is based around the idea that a process of ‘ruralisation’ can change development patterns in rural areas overcoming population and economic decline and generating new opportunities. To foster a “ruralisation” process across Europe, we need new policy-relevant knowledge, which the RURALIZATION project will generate. Funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, RURALIZATION gathers 18 partners from 12 different countries including not only research organizations but also partners that implement innovative practices, such as members of the Access to Land network. This diversity will guarantee a wide range of perspectives and situations thus ensuring the project will formulate solutions and recommendations which respond to the diverse needs and features of rural areas in Europe.


Stewarding land, preserving soils


How can we create the conditions for the development of agroecology and restoration of land in Europe?
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Urgent action is needed to preserve European soils. In addition to careful assessment of the manifold causes of land degradation, success rests on broad stakeholder dialogue regarding the strategies to preserve and restore resources. In the wake of the public consultation on a new EU Soil Strategy and the European Parliament adoption of a resolution on soil protection, this webinar—which is part of a series of virtual encounters with policymakers organised by the RURALIZATION project—will look to connect the dots between land stewardship and farming issues. 

The Commission's roadmap for soil protection and links between soil management and issues of land ownership and land use will be discussed. The webinar will also bring forward insights from the RURALIZATION and 'Nyéléni Europe' reports on land innovations, policies, markets, and recommendations for a European land-based agroecological transition.
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This event is over, but more policy-making sessions will follow soon. Stay tuned through our social media channels!


Access to Land: Case Studies Legal and Policy Arrangements


At the RURALIZATION project we are currently busy in finalizing case studies on specific legal and policy arrangements that are of relevance for access to land from workpackage 6. We aim to discuss preliminary results in this meeting with external experts and stakeholders.

Topics discussed will be national legislation and policies as well as regional practices in Poland, Hungary and Romania as well as regional policies in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

You can learn from experts about privatization of farmland, formation of agricultural systems as well as land ownership and land exchange.

We are looking forward to your participance and active discussion on topics of rural development and rural policy making with experts in this field. Feel free to share this event with your colleagues and peers, to encourage networking with rural stakeholders.

This event is over, but more policy-making sessions will follow soon. Stay tuned through our social media channels!


Trends affecting regeneration of rural areas in Europe



RURALIZATION project investigates regeneration of rural areas in Europe. Regeneration is an ongoing process and it has many avenues ahead. Trend analysis is one way to get ideas of the possible ingredients of the updated rural Europe and related future developments. Trends provide opportunities to benefit from mainstream force fields (megatrends), from some context specific developments (trends) or from symptoms of change (weak signals). Identification and assessment of trends that have relevance for rural regeneration is an integral part of RURALIZATION process in which the opportunities are translated into promising practices and policies. The webinar aims at further contributing to the long-term vision of rural areas promoted by the European Commission with the presentation of the extensive trend analysis carried out by RURALIZATION partner in 2019–2020. Results from of SHERPA sister project activities on the Long-term Vision of Rural Areas will be also presented to set the basis for a fruitful discussion among researchers, policy makers and practitioners on how the knowledge produced by the two projects can be mainstreamed into the long-term vision for foster regeneration of rural areas in Europe. 

Did you miss it? 

Do not worry! You can watch it here:

This event is over, but more policy-making sessions will follow soon. Stay tuned through our social media channels!


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