International Akademie Fresenius Online Training "Risk Assessment of PECsoil in the Evaluation Procedure in Europe"

2 March, 2022 - 9:45 am - 2 March, 2022 - 2:15 pm

This training is aiming to give you the basic knowledge on how to assess predicted environmental concentration of PPP and their active substances and metabolites in soil in the evaluation procedure in Europe. In a compact format of an intensive morning session, you will be familiarised with the philosophy of the new PECsoil guidance documents of EFSA and the related software packages to perform individual PECsoil calculations. Compared to the traditional methodology the new procedure for PECsoil includes scenarios for each of the three European zones. Furthermore, more processes are considered such as wash-off from crops and leaching to deeper soil layers. Finally, the PECsoil assessment is now embedded in a scheme of 4 different tiers including analytical and numerical models.

Learning Outcomes

Learn how the new PECsoil assessment in the EU is organised
Learn how to perform PECsoil calculations at the initial tiers 1 and 2 using the analytical PERSAM model
Learn how to use the results of PERSAM as input for higher tier ;
Learn how to perform higher tier calculations for PECsoil using the numerical models FOCUS PELMO and FOCUS PEARL
Learn in how far groundwater simulations changed because of the new versions of FOCUS PELMO and FOCUS PEARL
Who should attend this training?

Professionals in the fields of:

Environmental behaviour
Exposure assessment
Risk assessment
Registration, regulatory affairs
Monitoring & computer modelling

Sectors that should take part:

Agrochemical industry
Professional associations

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Participation Fee: € plus VAT. The registration fee includes the following benefits: Participation in the Online Training Training documentation (available after the training via download from our website) Representatives of an authority or a public university are therefore eligible for a reduced fee of € plus VAT per person (please provide evidence). The reduced fee cannot be combined with other