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Resources are key to achieve results. But resources are usually plenty, and we have to develop our look to be able to perceive the richness of resources available to us in our environment. To help you develop these lenses, we are proposing you to fill the resource wheel below, to help you visualize the resources that are present in your context.

"personal" resource wheel will serve you later, when you will be able to compare your wheel with the resource wheel from the practices suggested to you.

Social value Political value Financial value Built value Natural value Cultural value Human value
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Good practices

Case studies


Welcome to our interactive Good Practice Guide generator!

From now on we are going to call you “Change Maker”, since you are interested to join others on the path of RURALIZATION and contribute to creating a new rural environment in Europe. Following the steps on this site you will have to provide us with some information about you and your context: what is your current situation and interest, where you are located or planning to start a new life project and also what type of resources are available to you in this context.

Please beware: all these elements are not a survey, we will not document any of this information and none of the information is mathematical or statistically correct or incorrect. Please use your good judgement to decide which option to take. The information will only be used to select the most appropriate practices we suggest you to look at, as well as to illustrate your personalized guide with meaningful case studies from context similar to yours.

Now, let’s talk less and act more! Go ahead and follow the steps that many other pioneers have walked and get inspired to co-create your new rural environment!

Hi, my name is Tamara, as you can see from my look and tools I'm from "La Gomera" a rural isolated island. In this page you will get access to case studies and good practices depending on your specific case. Please continue to find out the main character.

What's up? I'm Omar, the urban representation. I'm from "La Habana" (best city in the multiverse). We have made this guide following best practices for both new and existing farmers. Now I invite you to select your profile to display content according to your case.

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