D6.4 Selective qualitative analysis incl 8 legal and policy arrangements – Combining land ownership and land exchange in Zeeland

Section title: Combining land ownership and land exchange in Zeeland

Subsection: 7

The province of Zeeland (The Netherlands) combines a land bank and voluntary exchanges between landowners to contribute to its environment and planning vision. By combining the land bank with voluntary exchanges between parties, the yardstick of the provincial land policy reaches further than its land portfolio alone. To enable to do so, the province has appointed regional land exchange contact persons that are outside the bureaucracy to ascertain that local knowledge of land policy opportunities are fed into the exchanges. Currently, the policies are mostly related towards improvement of the farm structure, biodiversity areas, recreational areas and infrastructure. Land policy is a tool to implement the vision and facilitating new entrants to farming makes no part of the vision amended in 2016. Currently the draft vision is developing in promoting new chances for young people in the province and achieving a sustainable agriculture. After the vision is adapted, a novel land policy will follow, which will change its direction towards new aims of the vision; which potentially will provide a larger chance for providing access to land for new generations. Currently a new vision is in preparation, which vision will be followed by a new land policy report, which serves as tool to implement the vision. In this vision sustainable agriculture and the attractiveness of the province for young people and families are on the agenda, which may result in that the current instrumental set-up of a land bank, plus voluntary exchanges, including a reticulist role of bringing landowners and new entrants together, may be used for these aims as well.


Category: Report

Country: Netherlands

NUTS1 region: NL3 West Netherlands

Type of region: Intermediate

Local authority role: Implementing policy

Politician role: Implementing policy and Coordinating

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation and Multifunctional Agriculture

Access to land pathway: Steering land control towards specific uses and Supporting farmers after access to land

Rural development topic adressed: Infrastructure, Local food supply, Lanscape preservation, Environmental conservation, and Access to land