D6.4 Selective qualitative analysis incl 8 legal and policy arrangements Output#4

Section title: Territorial food plans in France: Do they facilitate access to land for new generations?


Category: Report

Country: France

NUTS1 region: FRH Brittany and FRJ Occitania

Local authority role: Implementing policy and Coordinating

Civil society organisation role: Providing consultancy, Coordinating, and Lobbying

Single persons role: Entrepreneur and Other

Politician role: Providing funding and Implementing policy

Rural development pathway: Rural-Urban Relations and Agroecology

Access to land pathway: Supporting farmers before accessing land

Rural development topic adressed: Local food supply and Access to land

Type of action: Information platform, networks, hubs, Policy (policy recommendation, political support, political capital), Producer-consumer partnership, short supply chain, alternative sales channel, Agroecology, and Diversification: Food production & processing