D6.3 Quantitative analysis of land holdings abd land market trends – Åland Islands

Section title: Åland Islands

The Leauge of Nations specified in 1921: ‘When landed estate situated in the Aaland Islands is sold to a person who is not domiciled in the Islands, any person legally domiciled in the Islands, or the Council of the province, or the commune in which the estate is situated, has the right to buy the estate at a price which, failing agreement, shall be fixed by the court of first instance (Häradsrätt) having regard to current prices.’ (League of Nations, 1921, 701). This is still the legal situation and its consequences are discussed in the context of today.


Category: Case study

Country: Finland

NUTS1 region: FI2 Åland Islands

Type of region: Predominantly rural

Local authority role: Implementing policy and Other

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation

Access to land pathway: Securing access to land for individual farmers

Rural development topic adressed: Other