D5.2 Case studies and factsheets of 30 promising practices – The redevelopment of empty farm stables for commercial purposes (NL3C)

Section title: NL3C

1) Redeveloping empty farm stables for commercial purposes could in some cases be a good opportunity

2) A committed local entrepreneur is required to make it successful

3) A supportive local government is important as well

4) Creating a narrative around the new function helps to make it successful.

5) This is, however, not THE solution for empty farm stables. There is more supply than demand of these premises. Moreover, planning rules may make it impossible to redevelop commercially


Category: Report

Country: Netherlands

NUTS1 region: NL2 East Netherlands

Type of region: Intermediate

RUR actor group: Newcomers

Local authority role: Providing consultancy

Single persons role: Providing consultancy, Coordinating, and Entrepreneur

Politician role: Providing funding, Implementing policy, Providing infrastructure, and Coordinating

Rural development pathway: Smart Specialisation, Rural-Urban Relations, Bioeconomy, and Human Capital

Rural development topic adressed: Lack of jobs or quality jobs, Lack of economic diversity, Human capital, Educational opportunities (formal, informal, vocational), Social inclusion, Gender equality, and Dreams of the youth

Type of action: Information platform, networks, hubs, Policy (policy recommendation, political support, political capital), Producer-consumer partnership, short supply chain, alternative sales channel, Education & training, Diversification: Agritourism & recreation, and Other