D4.5 Summary trends, inventory & workshops – Output #7

Section title: Regional profile: Chełmsko-Zamojski region

Highlights: The PL312 Chełmsko-Zamojski region is a predominantly rural region located in the East of Poland, at the Polish-Ukrainan border. It is a peripheral agricultural region with slow dynamics of land-use change, fragmented farmland and, comparing to the EU, low income levels. The region show tendencies towards net outmigration, demographic problems, slight consolidation of farmland plots, a slow shift towards touristic and recreational functions and recent increases – albeit from a very low levels – of protected areas. In comparison to the other region selected for future dreams assessment, Chełmsko-Zamojski region offers insight into more remote rural dreams and experiences.


Category: Report

Country: Poland

NUTS1 region: PL8 Eastern

Type of region: Predominantly rural