Refonder la ruralité à partir de nouveaux réseaux d’acteurs et d’innovations sociales : Mise en regard de deux territoires

With the rise of environmental issues, the erosion of biodiversity and climate change, rurality seems to be experiencing a form of revival, both in scientific literature and in civil society. By asking the question of ‘rural regeneration’, the European project Ruralization gives us the opportunity to deepen this renewed interest in France, especially since the crisis of covid-19. Our objective is to identify the essential elements of this ‘refoundation’ of rurality in the diversity of its configurations in relation to urban spaces; a rurality marked today by the installation of new types of populations (particularly in the agricultural sector) and by specific issues of social, environmental and agroecological transition. Our paper aims to contribute to the reflection on the potentialities of these ruralities in transition, based on the series of interviews conducted between April 2020 and June 2021 in France.

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