CALL FOR PAPERS – “Social Dynamics in the post-Covid age”

It is widely known that COVID-19 has had many consequences for the society as a whole, but little is known about its long-term consequences on dealing, for instance, with climate change. The pandemic represents a change in behaviour, and this is something that can be harnessed to reshape the relationship between humanity and nature.

To address these and other pandemic-related issues, a conference will be held on October 17-18 in Budapest, promoted by the Center for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The aim of this event is to provide an analysis of the social, political and economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, the framework of this event will be social integration, processes of cultural reproduction, socialization and cooperation, trust and participation, and the expression of community memberships as well as direct personal relationships.

Our partners Silvia Sivini, from the University of Calabria, and Imre Kovách, from the Center for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, have proposed the session “From depopulation to innovation and rural regeneration pathways” on the themes of RURALIZATION in the framework of the conference “Social dynamics in the post-Covid era. Inequalities, integration, migration in the regional, urban and rural context”.

In order to promote the participation of the members of the scientific community, and to understand their point of view on these issues, the Social Sciences Center has launched a call for papers so that they can contribute their ideas to the conference. This paper can be focused on any of the seven main themes of the conference. The abstract’s length should be 300-500 words, and it has to be submitted by June 10, 2022. Registration and participation in the event is completely free of charge, however, travel and accommodation costs must be covered by the participants.

All the information on the Conference is available on the following website:

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