Meeting in Paris to start the last stage of the European project Ruralization.

Since 2012, XCN has been a member of the project Ruralization, a project financed by the funding program of the European Commission Horizon 2020. The project’s general aims are to promote the return of youth to the rural areas, facilitate access to land, and emphasize agroecology through the analysis of good practices and the support of local authorities to create and implement norms to reactivate the countryside.

These objectives will be achieved through two actions. Firstly, the updating with up-to-date case reports of the book: “Supporting access to land for farmers in Europe” (Access to Land, 2017). Secondly, the development of tools and specific measures in the local context of the participant countries.

The project is currently in the last phase, which focuses on defining tools to create and implement local regulations. These tools will be developed in line with the findings of the previous stages of the project. The last phase ended with the compilation of case studies where good and innovative practices were implemented. These case studies will be used to update the book published in 2012, giving districts more opportunities to implement new practices in their local context.

This 2022 XCN will lead the update of the book about access to land while also participating in the development of specific supporting material for the municipalities of Catalonia.

To archive these two goals, on 22 February, XCN organized a hybrid meeting in Paris with the project partners of Terre de Lien, France, to outline the objectives we wanted to achieve and the methodology.