RURALIZATION DUTCH NATIONAL CONFERENCE “Increase the number of new farmers in Netherlands”

On 11th February (13-17 p.m) Delft University of Technology organizes one of the 24 national conferences foreseen in the RURALIZATION project.

This conference aims at exploring how to increase the number of new farmers to double agricultural holdings in the next 20 years.

In the past 20 years, the number of agricultural businesses has almost halved from just under 100 thousand in 2000 to slightly above 50 thousand in 2021. The signals do not indicate that this is declining trend stops. If this continues, the number of farms will be halved by 2040 compared to now and the number of companies will be only a quarter of the number of  2000.

The conference offers to policy makers and practitioners the to break away from current practice and to come up with new ideas and solutions for the agricultural sector.

The conference will be held in Dutch. You can consult the full agenda here and register by email at