RURALIZATION 1st Webinar for Policy Makers – Trends affecting regeneration of rural areas in Europe

The challenge of rural population decline and need for rural communities to become more attractive places to live and work is a concern for rural people and policymakers alike. Trend analysis is a relevant activity to identify key drivers for rural regeneration.

The RURALIZATION H2020 projects is pleased to share the results of its extensive trend analysis in this first webinar “Trends affecting regeneration of rural areas in Europe”. The webinar will take place on February 25th 2021 and aims at further contributing to the long-term vision of rural areas promoted by the European Commission. The report produced by RURALIZATION on an extensive trend analysis exercise carried out in 2019–2020 will be presented together with the results of the SHERPA activities on the Long-term Vision of Rural Areas. The knowledge produced by both projects will serve as basis for a discussion among researchers, policy makers and practitioners.

This webinar is the first one of a series of webinars for policy makers, named ‘Sharing research insights for policy making’ and aimed at allowing policy makers to easily exploit project outcomes for forward-looking and knowledge based policies.

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