Ruralization 1st General Assembly meeting

RURALIZATION had its 1st General Assembly meeting online last 22-23 April!

Originally planned in Wroclaw – Poland – the meeting was finally and succsefully held online due to the current emergency situation. 40 participants from research organizations, associations in support of ecological and traditional farmers, civic organizations promoting land preservation, facilitating access to farmland and promoting new models of common good land use, farm advisors and recent new entrants into farming together with the members of the Stakeholder Advisory Board of the project discussed on the progress of the project and the plan for the upcoming months.

The event has been thus an excellent opportunity to keep all project partners and interested parts informed about the project activities and discuss about the results achieved so far. A dedicated session to the consequences of COVID-19 outbreak let partners put in common the major shortcomings for the upcoming tasks and activities and uptake a joint strategy.

The first day was devoted to the advancement and next steps of each Work Package while the second day focused on administrative and financial reporting and on the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak on the activities to be developed in the short and medium term. In particular, the consortium drew a strategy to tackle the major shortcomings derived from the COVID-19 emergency. Finally, the Assembly ended up with a session devoted to discussions on new rural generations and recommendations from the Stakeholders Advisory Board.