NEWBIE – New entrants into farming Project

In order to focus on finding solutions and proposals for the problem of rural depopulation, focusing on young people and new entrants to agriculture, NEWBIE is born, a European project funded by the H2020 program.

The NEWBIE network has been designed to address the important challenge of allowing new participants to successfully establish sustainable agricultural businesses in Europe. NEWBIE will facilitate the development and dissemination of new business models, including new entry models, to the full range of new participants, from successors to newcomers to the agricultural sector.

This will be achieved through a transdisciplinary network of agricultural organizations, educators, consultants, researchers and industry stakeholders, who will gather, evaluate and exchange the state of the art in new incoming agricultural enterprises, and establish national and European support networks for new entrants. . NEWBIE will focus especially on allowing innovative business models developed by new participants to be integrated into academic research and the educational curriculum, and widely disseminated to new participants throughout Europe.

To develop policies and resources that promote the arrival of new inhabitants in rural areas and encourage young people to settle in these areas is one of the objectives of RURALIZATION, so it is of special interest to be aware of the results and activities of this project.

You can check de website of the project here.